Thursday, 25 November 2010

Second Animatic Storyboard

After getting a response  from the artist about my first ideas of the video I decided to change a few things in my storyboard and put it together in a second. Which i then showed the artist and got a more positive response from.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Animatic Story Board

Evidence of conversations and meetings with Megan

Youth Subcultures and Current Fashions

My youth subculture is based on Indie/folk look. Which complements Megans style of music genre. In the music video the type of clothes that I want to be featured are checkard shirts, Band Teas, skinny jeans, converses or boots. I dont want my video to be too stylised and would like Megan to be comfortable with what she is wearing. Also the Actor that will be involved should also dress simarlary .

My chosen Artist

I have chosen to work with this solo artist. Her name is Megan Jones and is an acoustic/folk/country/indie artist. She has played at a few school events, she also rehearses in her bedroom and ocassionally school. She hasn't got a myspace but she does post her own songs on youtube and some covers aswell. She does her own recording with her own equipment. She is reliable as she easy to access as she lives 5 mins away.