Thursday, 25 November 2010

Second Animatic Storyboard

After getting a response  from the artist about my first ideas of the video I decided to change a few things in my storyboard and put it together in a second. Which i then showed the artist and got a more positive response from.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Animatic Story Board

Evidence of conversations and meetings with Megan

Youth Subcultures and Current Fashions

My youth subculture is based on Indie/folk look. Which complements Megans style of music genre. In the music video the type of clothes that I want to be featured are checkard shirts, Band Teas, skinny jeans, converses or boots. I dont want my video to be too stylised and would like Megan to be comfortable with what she is wearing. Also the Actor that will be involved should also dress simarlary .

My chosen Artist

I have chosen to work with this solo artist. Her name is Megan Jones and is an acoustic/folk/country/indie artist. She has played at a few school events, she also rehearses in her bedroom and ocassionally school. She hasn't got a myspace but she does post her own songs on youtube and some covers aswell. She does her own recording with her own equipment. She is reliable as she easy to access as she lives 5 mins away.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Music Video Director Analysis

Rankin and Chris Cottam 

Since 2000/2001, Rankin and Chris Cottam had spent nine years collaborating together on various projects, like Tv commercials and music videos. In early 2010 they had decided to go on and pursue their own careers. Together they had created music videos for such artists like Kelis, The Enemy, Marina and the Diamonds and also Robyn. Who are all well known established artists. 

Kelis - Acapella 

Marina and the Diamonds - I am not Robot


Robyn - Cobrastyle

The Enemy - No Time for Tears


There visual style is very much artistic and obviously the artists have had input into what they wanted there video to look like. They are very much stylised in most of them, which makes each video different, though there are elements that are similar for example, the lighting is a key element and also colour. They include live performance with bands, like The Enemy's video as they are a Indie/Rock genre and also Robyn's, which makes her video unique as seeing drums ect is an unusual thing to see in a electro/pop video. The artists that they have worked with are all pretty much mainstream, well known established artists, that are very playful and artistic in the way that they want there videos.They don't use any specific narratives but you can see small links in there videos, like Kelis video, Acapella is like a carnival, which insists on bright colours and feathers and stunning outfits to show, which the stylising links to the lyrics and music.The way that there editing goes, there are a lot of effective effects that they use though they don't go over board on them. There are quick cuts between each clip which in time with the music.

I like these two directors work because I like there elements of lighting and keeping it as simple as and not going over the top with different effects. The way that they always include the artist and obviously the artist has had influence on the video as it brings out there style in a visual way as well as in there music.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Laura Marling - My Manic and I Video Analysis

Laura Marling - My Manic and I

The Reason I chose this video to analyse is because, I like how the director has managed to mix, live action and animation together. Also how the video plays along with the lyrics well and tells a story almost. The grainy effect that the video has is almost like what you get on a film when it is starting wear, which I think is quite effective and different to modern day music videos. Her genre of music is folk rock/ alternative, which is why she is playing a guitar as a bit of live action and to put emphasis on the genre by including it. As it is vital in most videos set to this sort of genre . The live action part of the video looks to be set in an old house which goes with the style of the video, as I think what they were going for was sort of an old English look. The animation I think brings the quirkiness into the video, as of like mixing up the old with the new, which will never be out dated as it has all the elements a music video, for this type of genre needs, I like how it has also been kept to be quite simple, as it makes it easier to follow the narrative of the lyrics she is singing. The video reminds me of a fairytale as it has that feeling about it, with hoe the animation is and telling a little melodic story. Looking at her other music they all mostly follow key element of putting links from the lyrics into visual, guitar or other instrumental playing and lead singer, in a basic and diverse way.

The styling of the video is very much distinguishable with it's old English style. The effects of an old film add the authenticity of it as well. The dress that she is wearing is very feminine and almost 18th century like. The animation style follows up on the live action, with how the framing of it is like a Punch and Judy theatre box, that adds quirkiness and authenticity of that style and era that she is trying to capture in the video.

The opening of the song i really like, as it gets you straight into the song with how she is sitting in that grand chair and playing the guitar, is the first contact with the artist that grabs you. I think this it is a good way to start the video. Also straight in with the authentic film effects. Five seconds in the video you are introduced to the animation side of it and the beginning lyrics, ' He wants to die in a lake in Geneva, the mountains can cover the shape of his nose', the visuals are already visualising the lyrics making that connection between the two, which follows up on Andrew Goodwins theory.

I like it at 1:01 when she steps out of the room and into the animation. The way that they have mixed up the real and animation is a real strong point of the video, as it does grab you in. All the way through the video you can see clear connections between the visuals and lyrics. Also the instrumental connection of the guitar. You can see that Goodwins theory is strong in this video.

Music and Visuals
Like I mentioned before there are real deep connections between the music and visuals of the video, be it the way the narrative of the video tells a story with the lyrics, making a strong connection or the guitar playing. in any sort of folk/indie/rock video there will be a live performance with instruments and the singers as it gives that real feel to the artist and video. The animation in the video is really effective and is well balanced with the realistic footage of the video. The video flows well even with the animation in it as it all makes sense with the lyrics . Though if you were to mute it you would most likely be able to tell that the is a strong narrative with it.


The genre of the music, that I have mentioned before is folk rock. I think that the way that it has been represented in this video is by how they have included live performance of her playing a guitar, like in most of her videos she is seen playing a instrument, mostly a acoustic guitar. The video is slow paste with the way it cuts between each clip, which goes with this sort of folk style as a quite mellow style which is similar to indie.

Shot Type/ Iconography

The camera movement/ shots are pretty simple. There isn't a lot of close up shots but they aren't really needed as she is the only person in the video, so there isn't any need to have close ups. There is use of a crane shot, when she is laying in the bath, which i like as it gives you a different perspective from the normal. In the animation there is a lot more close ups of the characters. I like how they have mixed together the real body on the singer and put her animated head over, as it's like she wants to be in her fairytale world but she can't as she says in the lyrics, 'i don't believe in fairytale end'

There is no voyeurism in this video as it a folk genre and isn't desired in that sort of way. Also it is pretty serious and has a strong narrative to it. It's representation of both genders is well balanced I think as there is a male character in the animation. The lyrics and video itself tie into together really well.