Sunday, 31 October 2010

Music Video Director Analysis

Rankin and Chris Cottam 

Since 2000/2001, Rankin and Chris Cottam had spent nine years collaborating together on various projects, like Tv commercials and music videos. In early 2010 they had decided to go on and pursue their own careers. Together they had created music videos for such artists like Kelis, The Enemy, Marina and the Diamonds and also Robyn. Who are all well known established artists. 

Kelis - Acapella 

Marina and the Diamonds - I am not Robot


Robyn - Cobrastyle

The Enemy - No Time for Tears


There visual style is very much artistic and obviously the artists have had input into what they wanted there video to look like. They are very much stylised in most of them, which makes each video different, though there are elements that are similar for example, the lighting is a key element and also colour. They include live performance with bands, like The Enemy's video as they are a Indie/Rock genre and also Robyn's, which makes her video unique as seeing drums ect is an unusual thing to see in a electro/pop video. The artists that they have worked with are all pretty much mainstream, well known established artists, that are very playful and artistic in the way that they want there videos.They don't use any specific narratives but you can see small links in there videos, like Kelis video, Acapella is like a carnival, which insists on bright colours and feathers and stunning outfits to show, which the stylising links to the lyrics and music.The way that there editing goes, there are a lot of effective effects that they use though they don't go over board on them. There are quick cuts between each clip which in time with the music.

I like these two directors work because I like there elements of lighting and keeping it as simple as and not going over the top with different effects. The way that they always include the artist and obviously the artist has had influence on the video as it brings out there style in a visual way as well as in there music.

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  1. Nice article and good analysis of our work. Best, Chris