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City and Colour - The Girl Video Analysis

City and Colour - The Girl

The reason I chose this music video is because it is quite different to an ordinary video. This is because it is split into two sections. The first half of the song is filmed footage, going along with a narrative, and the second half is a live performance, though the first part looks like a live performance too but has more of a narrative behind it. The first part of the video I like how he is changing places but is still sitting in the same sort of position as he was to start off with but in a different location. This could be a reference to the song lyrics, of like places of memories he could of had with this 'girl' he is singing about. Also the line ' Where I'm off chasing my own dreams', could be referring to his guitar and career in music and that is why he is always playing in the video as to make a point. Also another thing with the guitar is a lot of the time the camera is focusing on him playing it, which backs up the idea of music being his dream. In this half the guitar is the key point that the director is trying to emphasis on mostly, but does keep to the relevance of the actual song.

The second part, is unusual for a music video, but I think that is what gives its originality to it. It still sticks to the live performance. Though I like how the colour has been changed to black and white, which splits it up , but carries on the song, which is in a more of an up beat rhythm than what the first section was. Also there is an actual audience and more people playing instruments. It is almost like the credits of a movie were they play out takes whilst scrolling the names of actors and people who helped put it together. Which makes it look like he was telling a narrative to the song.
 The first opening shot focuses on the guitar, which goes straight to the key point of the video. The way the camera slowly pulls away to show more of the guitar and then moves to the right. And then instead of moving further back it goes straight to another shot of were they are, which is a forest area it seems. The it goes back to the guitar but does reveal the singer, which is also times to when he starts singing. The way that he is sitting there playing his guitar and singing is like he is playing in front of an audience. When the woman walks past there is no direct connection between him playing and her walking as she doesn't look at him nor does he look up. Which symbolises in the video that he's away chasing his dream and she is there on her own. Also is like he's not really there singing and playing his guitar. Though as the video goes on he is still in the same sort of position through out, which could be that he is somewhere else but we can just seem him in these places.

There are only two major close ups that keep appearing as I've said before the guitar and also the main singer, as trying to communicate the lead singer with the audience. Though the video is quite repetitive which makes it simple, which gives a clear representation of the message that the video is putting out with its narrative. As the first part of the video is the most repetitive of how it's composition of each shot is quite similar to each other. Which makes you pay more attention to the lyrics that are being sung. With the close ups, it focuses on the object then pans out with an establishing shot on like everything is moving away from him.
The lines ' If you were to leave, full fill someone else's dreams, I think I might totally be lost' Which were the camera moves down into shot of the singer again but is not as close to the normal shots, which refers to the lyrics in a way as he is on his own in a room but only has a mirror to reflect himself. The mirror could also symbolise the way that he is reflection on his own love and in places of memory like I have mentioned earlier. Also the clips towards the end of the first section, how they move in, instead of out, which is like revisiting were he has been before.

The last point I want to make is the second part of the video were it picks up the pace more. This part is a lot more informal to what the first part was. As is like a gathering but still there are odd parts were clips earlier in the video are shown as well along side the black and white clips. This breaks the conventions of music videos as a whole, which makes it unique amongst the rest. The way that it is shot as well is a lot more cheerful, as it is a more of a live performance to an actual audience. There are still close ups of the main singer which still puts him in the spot light of the video. This finishes the video nicely as a climax to the song.

Music and Visuals
 The way that the video is set out is effective. Although there isn't much of a narrative to it, the lyrics and the video do work together to tell something. The live performance on his own in the first section of the video is more formal and thought about. And the second section is complete different yet still a live performance. The guitar and the switching of places really are the key points of the video.

For the first half of the video the way that each scene is cut goes in time with the music and is slow past so it is more of a flow. Although few of the clips have a graduated transition between them which is over layering, this is quite effective as it slowly introduces the next clip. When it comes to the second half it is a more fast pace so the cut between clips is a lot faster which works as well.

It defiantly has an acoustic feel to it, because of the way he is sitting there with a guitar and singing and in the same position all the way through the first section of the song. Which goes well with the slow pace of that section of the song. Also the way that there isn't anyone else a part from two short clips, gives the main focus on the artist. The second section he is though, with other people which totally changes the feel of the song as it is more fast temp and he is also standing up too with a bit more movement.


Like I said before you can defiantly tell that this is an acoustic song, because of the guitar is a major point in the video and there isn't any more instruments until the second section of the song. Also as the first section is slow paste, and he is sitting down, which normally during live performance if it is an acoustic set you are normally sat down, to put more effort into the piece. Close up of the guitar and him playing put emphasis on to the genre. Normally in other genres such as club and pop this element is irrelevant to it, how ever it does has a lot of significance on an a acoustic or rock sort of video.

Shot types/ Iconography

There are a lot of close up shots used in all of the video, mainly on the singer and guitar playing, as it is important that the singer is communicated and is shown the most. Another shot used a lot is the establishing shot either moving in or out of shot emphasising the scene a lot more. The way that the camera does move away from the singer, having relevance to the lyrics, 'While I'm off chasing my own dreams' is like he is.

The is no voyeurism in this song as it's a pretty serious video and any sort of dancing and girls half naked would totally ruin it anyway. There is no need for there to be any attention but put on the artist. 

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