Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Magazine advert sketchs

First Ideas

This is my first idea of a advert to go into a magazine. Using the whole of the page. Though I decided to have the text use up 3/4 of the page instead of the image, as wanted to balance it out more. Also to use splatter brushes to make the typography more interesting. I haven't included much information as just want to keep straight to the point and also the image with be black and white, to just keep with that house style with everything.

Second Idea

This is my second idea and is a lot different to my first. I decided on a double page spread as want the image to take up a whole page and then have the text on an opposite page, which goes back to how my booklet is laid out as well. Also people can use the image as a fan poster to put on there wall if they wanted, so it has multiple purposes. The typography I want to use on it shall also be the same as used on the CD's title and centred in the middle as big as it will go on the page. The text underneath it will be simple normal text, with just the main information that people really need. I want to keep it straight to the point so its not that much to remember and just keep the attention of it onto the artist.

My second idea appeals more to me because of its straight forward simplicity and how it could have multiple purposes to the viewer as well.

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