Thursday, 8 July 2010

Transition Week Music Video Project

This was the first time I have had a go at actually making a propper video of such thing and using a video editing software whichI used Sony Vegas.
The idea of the video is Teen Spirit and have fun and messing around, though we did run out of ideas. I enjoyed filming, especially movment of actions were could zoom in and out. In my A2 I will need to make sure that I have some solid ideas to what I want in my video, and have more of story by following lyrics.

For editing I used Sony Vegas as we shot in HD and was easier to use than Adobe Premier. I found this east to use once knew were short cut keys were. I learnt how to cut clips, slow/fast clips up whitch i found effective with certain clips we had. Also learnt how to make a screen shot and put it in and use of flash with it to make look like taken a picture which worked well. The way that the clips transition in smoothly aswell. Also reversing clips i though was a good effect which exagerates movements.

I like how the video goes with the music at the right beats and i like the way we have used different effects to exagerate certain clips. If was going to do this again though i would want it to have more of a story behind it so that it would have more of contrast between video and music.

We also tried some stop motion, which i really enjoyed playing with. I may want to include this into my A2 production as think it could be effective. I like experimenting with this because you can really play about with it and looks good if you get it right.

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