Sunday, 8 August 2010

Favourite Music Videos

This is Florence and the Machine - Rabbit Heart(Raise it Up)

These are a few screen shots of what I like about the video. The style that Florence and the Machine have is pretty flamboyant and love the way that this video shows this off really well. The colour of the video throughout has a very vintage like tones to it. Also the setting of the forest I really think is effective to go with this flamboyant style. The transitions are basic with just a fading effect in and out though these are over layers for a couple of seconds which I think are really effective.

This is the video for the Harrisons - Monday's Arms

I like this music video as it has an effective storyline behind it but also includes some lip syncing not by the actual band. There is no fancy slide transitions and is not very much highly edited. I like the credits at the start making it like a mini film. I like the camera angles and motions used in this particularly when it is using tracks to follow the actors walking in front of the camera.

This is the music video for Those Dancing Days - Run Run

This video really goes well with the beats, whether it be the transitions between different clips or actual movements done. Also again I like the styling of the video.

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