Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Digipak Research

 Alternative Pet Shop Boys
This digipak has a box like sleeve which consists of a booklet and a CD case which features two full CDs loaded with songs over the past 10 years that have been released onto album for the first time. The box sleeve feature a holographic effect of interchanging faces of the group members, which i find to be quite unique and possibly very appealing to the audiences. The booklet feature a written interview with the band and occasional photos which are all black and white. They have used formal house style with black, white and grey colour which contrasts with the photos. The inside of the CD is similar and is kept simple.

Robbie Williams - Sing When You're Winning

This is a special collectors edition pack. Which is in the form of a booklet with a sleeve at the back for the CD. The CD features songs by the artist and two videos and a photo gallery were the photos in the booklet can be seen as well. The photography is by Paul M.Smith who specialises in photo manipulation, which has the artist is repeated as different characters in the same photo. The colours all stand out, with each page with a photo and lyrics or a double page with a photo. The photos perticually stand out in this pack because of the vibrancy and the subjects in them is different from what you normally see.

Keane - Under the Iron Sea

This digipak takes the form of a small book, which features inside 2 CDs, which are placed in the front and another at the back. CD one features a DVD of a selection of music video and live recordings and the second CD has original songs and demo/live recordings as well. As you look inside the pages are covered in cartoonic graphics, which have some sort of reference to that specific song were the lyrics are featured on the pages as well. The casing is hard back which have engraved bubbles which probably represent the sea. The colours are very tribal like and bold.

From looking at these digipaks, they aren't set out like any other CD or DVD as they really feature just a proportion of information on the covers than what there normally is and more visual art than anything to make them stand out from the norm.

A Digipak can feature one or two things or more of the below -

  • Selection of new and remastered/remixed tracks
  • Selection of music videos
  • Live footage - gig content (DVD)
  • Exclusive interviews (DVD/Booklet)
  • Documentary - 'making of...(DVD)
  • Booklet   - Pictures of band/artist  - Lyrics - Images/ artwork that represent the band/themes/mood - Biographical details about band - Interveiws ( Q + A )

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